SMOGTOWN: Dictoria: 7”EP

Sep 23, 2011

Few things are worse than a backseat driver punk. Guilty. Take one: Why the fuck weren’t these two ragers on the last full-length, replacing the too-long sound bite and the acoustic closer? Take two: Hostage Records (after a six year hiatus!) brings out the best of Smogtown once again, on the heels of their first LP in too many years. Smogtown’s strengths are nuclear-radiation, nuclear-power, and nuclear-suburban-decay. Some say that, for better or worse, California is the harbinger of the rest of the United States. (The foreclosure of the American dream, in particular.) Smogtown’s your early disaster warning sirens. Smogtown’s your prophecy that’s coming true. Take heed. Take notes. Stock up on clean water. Ripping single.

 –todd (Hostage)

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