Jun 13, 2007

Smirk: Some bands can pull off the three chord song; this isn’t one of them. Learn how to play before investing in any form of studio recording. Learn how to sing too; between the two vocalists, the lady sounds like a bad Dolly Parton impersonator while the man has a deep, nasally voice (that is not a good thing). They sound terrible solo as it is, but imagine the duo together. Jesus Christ help us all. If that isn’t enough, the second song cuts off before it is even finished. It doesn’t matter if that was done on purpose or not, it sounds awful either way. Best Pals: The lead singer sounds like he has a jawbreaker in his mouth at all times. The only thing he seems to be saying is “a la ba da da da da”. Again with the terrible three chord songs. A ten-year-old could have written better. Honestly people, it’s not 1976 anymore and you are not The Ramones. The second song, “You’re Number One,” sounds like a terrible Descendents cover with an autistic child spitting out unlistenable lyrics. Thumbs down.

 –guest (Broken)