SMALLTOWN: Years, Months: 7”

Jun 04, 2008

It’s always a gamble to steal from pockets of the dead, especially their songs. And although Stiff Little Fingers aren’t technically dead, Smalltown pull off an original track, “Years, Months” which Jake Burns would give five years of his own life to record. Urgent, catchy, street punk/oi that’s more than a stiff breeze wafting through a field of propped-up corpses. Smalltown are tweaking and reanimating a genre that gets much more lip service than creative sparks, and my ears are happier for it. One of Smalltown’s feet is firmly rooted in tradition, and one foot’s not afraid to kick past idols square in the ass. The b-side “When the Oil Runs Out,” a Newtown Neurotics cover, proves this beyond a doubt. Great stuff. 

 –todd (Deranged)