SMALLTOWN: Fall into Line: 7″

Some bands have it. Most don’t. It. You know, that spark that wakes the monster. That chord that ignites a roar. That phrase that makes you go “shit yeah” and you find yourself yelling happily at your record player for being so good to you today. You dance a little dance. Smalltown’s somehow nailed the bright, jangly, slashy guitars of frantic Jam and hooked into a fresh keg tapped with foaming modern oi. (Let the liquid layer and get real pretty in a glass as the bubbles settle, with flashes of the Swingin’ Utters when they strut through cool flourishes and grinning mid-pace punk steadiness on top of songs reminiscent of the Dropkick Murphys pride-swelling bar thumpings {before they resorted to songs about fucking fat girls}.) I don’t quite get how bands like Smalltown can approach a form of music that’s been a dead end for so many before them (admit it, the last couple of Stiff Little Fingers records were such huge stinking logs, they wouldn’t even flush), and make it all fierce and bouncy again, like it’d just been born. A trio of Swedes pulled it off. This is excellent.

–todd (Bridge)