Small Town Punk: By John Sheppard, 184 pgs. By Joe

Jan 16, 2007

I’m a bit conflicted on this. Pros: It’s about being a teenage punk in some middle of nowhere suburb (I can relate), it takes place in Florida (I’m officially “down” with Florida), and there’s a bunch of various band/music references (hell, they name drop Roach Motel). Cons: The story gets a little hard to keep track of at times, and the main character Buzz’s “punkness” mainly consists of mentioning he bought a Dicks record, taking lots of pills (which I can’t relate), and complaining all the time (okay, I can relate). I can relate to being a teenager in a boring town, but you can only take so much “I hate this stupid place” (probably one of the reasons I was a boring teenager). It’s got its moments, but ultimately comes out more like SLC Punk than Repo Man. I just wish there were more punk stories that didn’t focus on nihilism. –Joe Evans III (Ig Publishing, 178 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205)

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