SMALL BROWN BIKE: Composite, Volume One: 7”

May 20, 2010

Listen, I’m not going to pretend to understand this band or why they have the rabid, ferociously loyal following they have. I honestly just don’t get the appeal. I tried repeatedly to get into Our Own Wars ten years ago and there was just no spark there for me. Same goes for Dead Reckoning just a few months ago. And now there’s this two-song 7”, their first release since reuniting last year. I’ll admit, the band can certainly craft songs that sound thematic and cohesive, it’s just that those songs also sound… boring. They sound as well put together as they ever did—if you’re a fan of the band you’d probably say the songs sound dense and complex and have been crafted with a solid foundation and very little gimmickry or pomp, etc. Me, I think they’re just kind of… there. The second song, “Hourglass,” starts off promisingly, with a strangely playful indie rock guitar line; it actually managed to hold my interest for a few spins. But I think we’re all agreed: one song on one seven inch over a ten-year career isn’t much of a batting average.

 –keith (No Idea)