SMALL BONES: Self- titled: CD

Jan 20, 2011

Ah, I could almost taste the cheap beer and cigarettes at a show in some DIY punk house down south when this CD started playing. Small Bones are a relatively new band from New Orleans and this is their first release on Plan-It-X. They play this super fast punk rock with a little melody thrown in here and there. They sounds a lot like a sped-up version of This Is My Fist!, and I’m not just saying that because the singer is a girl. Small Bones doesn’t sound like any of the other bands that are on the same label as them, which is sad because I usually like the quirky acts that Plan-It-X puts out. The best song on here is “Cold War Storage,” which starts out with a forty-five second sing along with no instruments, and it sounds good because they’re not rushing through it at full speed. This CD is a decent first effort, but maybe before their next release, they need to sit down as a band and meditate on what they want to do next to make themselves stand out.

 –Lauren Trout (Plan-It-X)

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