SMALL ARMS DEALER: Patron Saint of Disappointment: CD

Sep 20, 2008

Some bands start big things, only to have waves of bands follow their path. This is a band that follows along the lines of the Gainesville hardcore sound, and doesn’t come up short in the ass-kicking department. Small Arms Dealer makes some great music. There are times when I wonder if they kidnapped Panthro UK United 13 and forced the band to record for them, and I really think they would hold that as a high compliment. There is a Southern California pop punk influence mixed in (think traces of Descendents or older Ataris), but I was surprised to see they were from New York. Listening to the album, however, you get the feeling you’ve heard it all before, even though it’s really good. It’s derivative but occasionally better than its influences. Try it, you’ll like it.

 –Will Kwiatkowski (Deep Elm)