SMACKIN’ ISAIAH: Benefits of Thinking Out Loud: CD

Feb 05, 2009

I saw these guys open up for the Co-Dependents at Chain Reaction and they knocked my dick in the dirt. Multiple singers, stop-start rhythms, sophisticated time changes compounded with furious guitars – I thought I was back at Bollocks watching Dillinger Four for the first time. Never mind they had come all the from New Bedford, Massachusetts, where Moby Dick was written, the thirtysomething O.C. teens didn’t quite know what to make of them, and Smackin’ Isaiah held nothing back. No chorus, scant repetition, each song is a prose poem set to music, a long message left on an answering machine at three o’clock in the morning that you can never take back. Benefits of Thinking Out Loud gets my vote for best surprise album of the year.

 –jim (Smackin' Isaiah)