SLUTS: 12” of Sluts: LP

I have a good friend who probably owns most of G.G. Allin’s records (although I think he feels some shame that his friends know this.) When I excitedly asked him if he was going to buy a record called 12” of Sluts, he told me he would pass, that he thinks he heard a bootleg of it years ago and didn’t care for it. Why old punx gotta be jaded? With a band name and a record name like these, you can’t help but be interested. I have a hard time making out the words, but with song titles like “Fuck You,” “Cunning Linguist,” and “Mom’s Cunt” you can kinda fill in the blanks. Makes me think of the “cursing club” I had with some friends when I was a kid. Our goal was to say as many bad words as often as possible.

 –Sal Lucci (Jeth-Row,