SLUGGING PERCENTAGE: Self-titled: Cassette

As far as I know, Slugging Percentage are the first baseball-themed hardcore band anywhere. On paper, the melding of two of the pastimes that I hold dearest to me sounds like a winning combination. However, I consider myself both a die-hard baseball fan and an unbiased record reviewer, so my final thoughts on this tape are as fair as I could possibly make them. First, as a baseball fan: the theme is not lost on me one bit. I truly do appreciate every aspect. From the front of the cover that looks just like the stitching on a baseball to the scorecard on the back with real player’s (though, mostly inactive or retired) names as song titles. The lyrical subjects are either that of praise or defamation of a particular player or situation and I fucking love it. Seriously, calling out John Rocker for the racist douche that he is was something that needed to be done. This duo’s combined knowledge of the game and their witty/critical observations are as valid as they are admirable. Now as a record reviewer: Musically, I feel they’re missing the strike zone. Self-described as sludgy hardcore, at their best they sound like Blöödhag without guitars. But at their worst they’re like Godstomper minus the power or the violence. It’s a real shame because I desperately wanted to appreciate this from all angles. Hopefully, this is one of those deals where the earlier material is their formative stage and the best is yet to come.

 –Juan Espinosa (Self released, no contact info)