SLUGGING PERCENTAGE: Self-titled: Cassette

Nov 18, 2011

Second outing from the world’s only baseball-themed hardcore band (I said baseball, not sports, so don’t give me any of that “What about Slapshot?” shit.) Their first cassette was neat but left me just a bit short of fulfilled. Sort of like being at a tied game that ends with a bases loaded balk instead of that screaming line drive up the gap that you were hoping for. Or like when you realize you paid twelve dollars for a tall can. Luckily for me, though, I got what I asked for and that doesn’t happen often (see the Dodgers ending the season with a winning record but out of the playoffs.) A better way to describe S.P.’s progression from their first effort to this newest tape would be that of a pitcher’s shaky start quickly followed by a resurgence in both quality and power. The coach doesn’t have to make a trip to the mound to remind them to trust their stuff: they already do. In other words, much better songwriting, delivery, and presentation. Makes me all that more excited for next season, er, the next release.

 –Juan Espinosa (Self-released, no contact info)