SLUGGA: Parasite: 7”

Jul 21, 2015

This would be the best kind of record to get me out of bed in the morning, if it weren’t so angry and ugly. Maybe it’s more a midday record, hours after you’ve woken up to your Gorilla Biscuits record and Patti Smith’s “High on Rebellion” life brings home the point—it can really suck and you’re miserable. Then it’s Slugga time for a release of rage and nihilism that’s built up. The singer has some of the snidest and most venomous vocals I’ve heard in a long fucking time. In two quick blasts of energy and ire, Slugga nails hardcore’s rawest essence without mimicking old shit. “Parasite” seems to be about bullshit junkie business and the B-side, “Shaved Heads,” gives a boot to skinheads. How fitting. 

 –Craven Rock (Total Punk)

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