SLOWA WE KRWI: Przebudzenie: CD

Mar 27, 2008

Truly intriguing first release from this band from Poland. A feeling I get listening to the music is the weight of darkness with the hint of hope for light. Music that is heavy with an aggressive attack and yet there lies beneath the surface a pretty melody mixed in. A mixture of anarcho punk meets metallic crust. Female vocals that, I believe, are sung in Polish since it’s their country of origin. English translations of the songs are provided. Her vocal delivery is screamed but is controlled and does not come off indecipherable, as far as I can tell. What I do know is that she sings with a feel that is genuine and passionate. Another thing that stands out is the interplay of the guitars and bass. At times, they are dead-on, pounding out riffs and, all of a sudden, the guitarist will just slip out a little bit, almost sounding out of key but adding a new dimension to the song. At other times, instead of just playing power bar chords, the person uses other strumming styles to add depth. Like any band, the drummer has to tie everything together. This band has that drummer that is solid and bangs out the beats to carry this group forward. This might take a little digging to find. But if what I describe entices you, the search will be rewarding.

 –don (Tujaca Fala)

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