SLOW WARM DEATH: Self-titled: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Slow Warm Death singer John Galm has a shaky voice that seems to have something to say. These guys play loud, fuzzed-out, garage, static-rock. There’s just enough clarity to make it listenable on more than one occasion. And just when I think these guys are lo-fi, they bust out a track like, “Blood 2” which has very honest lyrics and a ‘90s indie rock sound reminiscent of Sebadoh. Considering I had never heard these guys before (they’re from Lehigh Valley, PA and I’m from California), I can honestly say I’m impressed. Hopefully they’re committed enough to tour because these songs sound like they would be even better live. If you like fuzzy, indie rock—border lining on rock’n’roll music—these guys will fulfill your needs. Plan on at least checking out this record at your local record store, if not to buy it then to look at the artwork. The cover has a photograph of a Jesus and Mary Magdalene statue that is propped up by a crushed beer can. It makes it look as though Mary is dipping Jesus, like in classical dancing.

 –Ryan Nichols (Square Of Opposition)