My first exposure to Slow Science was two and a half years ago with the band being sandwiched between Crazy Arm and Muncie Girls on a low key, midweek gig here in Plymouth (U.K.). I was highly impressed with the performance of the quartet and later that week picked up a download of the band’s demo EP which indicated that it was as good in a studio as it was live. With its members being involved in other musical endeavors, this 12” is the first proper release for Slow Science and just as is heard on the demo, there is a “kitchen sink” approach to song writing/structure, with a plethora of influences being applied throughout. The two tracks here are intricate and suitably diverse, with a sound created by easing an indie rock basis down a number of tangents to reach a beautifully lush outcome that although complex is never confused or overstated. The Dauntless Elite has been around the block quite a few more times than Slow Science and adopts a much more straightforward style in its presentation. The band dishes up a pair of songs full of melodies ingrained with enough Yorkshire grit to add a few rough edges here and there. It’s a good effort from the Elite but for me this split belongs to Slow Science, a band who by the time you’ve read this, will unfortunately have ceased to be.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Bombed Out,