Jun 13, 2014

Perfect. I’ve been waiting for this record since it was announced last year. It’s a match made in heaven. Take the lyrics of my favorite Brokedowns song, “Done with Funk,” where they sing, “Slow death! We’re all choking on the slow death!” In my humble opinion, the Brokedowns can do no wrong at this point. It’s been three years since their last LP, but they’ve tided us over with splits with a number of fantastic artists. The roster of bands that have done splits with the Brokedowns is better than most modern record labels. The Slow Death provide a nice counterpoint to the heavy hardcore-inspired punk that the Brokedowns lay down, but even The Slow Death seem pulled into the sonic vortex of The Brokedowns, offering three of their heaviest offerings I’ve heard from them. If you are a fan of modern punk and you haven’t checked out either of these bands, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Grade: A. 

 –Bryan Static (Red Scare)