SLOW CHILDREN: Prevalent Emotional Distress: CD

Not to be confused with the American electronic band, or the American new wave group responsible for the ‘80s staple “President Am I,” or the ‘80s American punk group responsible for the Pseudo Girl EP, or even the ‘90s American alternative band, this latest band to use the name Slow Children (I’m also fairly certain the East L.A. punk legends the Stains would take exception to the appropriation of their logo, cleverly changed here by adding arrow points to the ends) apparently hails from Southern California. While it’s clear very early on they’re quite proficient with their instruments, their emo-saturated hardcore ultimately left no lasting impression whatsoever or really did much to set them apart from the hundreds, if not thousands, of other bands that ran this kinda stuff into the ground a decade ago. 

 –jimmy (California Street Music)