Jan 07, 2008

The CD starts out “Fee Fi Fo Fum” and then launches into an aggressive punk/metal song. The singer’s voice sounded weak to me at first, but not too bad. It’s a little too shrill and high, though. The second song is nuevo psychedelic that sounds a little like one of their cited influences, the band Love with “la-la-la-la” choruses and even a sax solo. Not bad. The third song is folky acoustic guitar with a fast drumbeat, then launching into some more distorted guitar for the choruses. Pretty good, sounds kinda like Queens Of The Stone Age. Fourth song sucked. Clichéd modern hard rock/metal. Next song sounds like a power pop cliché. Not good. Next song starts as a light acoustic ballad and launches into slowly played power chords in a very conventional pop song structure. I’m starting to get bored. The next few songs are precisely played but nothing original sounding. Overall, not bad, but nothing that would compel me to play this again.

 –don (Trifonic Laboratories)