SLOTHS, THE: Back from the Grave: CS

Many people are skeptical of reunion albums. I try to cut them slack, especially if I inexplicably want to like them for no reason. It’s natural. Judge not. The Sloths’ long lost garage single “Makin’ Love” appeared on Back from the Grave Volume 4. I assumed the cassette was an unknown album or collection of demos or something, the sort of thing I’m predisposed to like without thinking about it much. But as it turns out, this isa reunion album. Of sorts. The Sloths recorded this album recently: a half century after the single was completed. That information puts a few clicks in the brain of the discerning rock consumer. Fifty years? You’d never know. The opening track, “Never Enough Girls” is Real Kids catchy. And if they say, “There will never be enough girls in the world,” they know because the recorded their debut single fifty years ago. This has all the wrench and screws of ‘60s Back from the Grave jangling with interludes of thoughtful rocking. It’s hard to tell if the album was fifty years in the making or if this was a rollicking swing night with the gang, but these songs are bulletproof. There’s a little in this cassette for everyone, including catchy powerpopness, rocking rock riffs, and harmonica. I really like this album, but I’ll warn you, I really wanted to like this album. 

 –Billups Allen (Burger)