SLOPPY SECONDS: You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone: 7"

Nov 30, 2010

Unfortunately, you can kill Joey Ramone, but the reemergence of Sloppy Seconds these past couple of years is making a lot of us very fucking happy. Sloppy Seconds were pop punk before there was pop punk. They were one of a handful of progenitors of the now-familiar sound that grabbed the underground by its then sagging scrotum, only to be quickly co-opted by the mainstream. The scene cruelly turned its back on pop punk, despite its deep resonance with a half generation. Sloppy Seconds retains creds for being one of the first of its type, as well as one of the best. Especially known for incredible live shows, their records aren’t too shabby either. This 7” contains “You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone” from the 2008 album Endless Bummer, backed with a cover of “Can’t Stand Rock’n’Roll” by the Anti-Nowhere League. Not as essential as the recent souped-up vinyl reissue of Destroyed, this 7” is still one that collectors won’t want to miss. Is it blasphemy to admit that I’d rather listen to Sloppy Seconds than the Ramones most days?

 –Art Ettinger (Wallride)