SLOPPY SECONDS: Endless Bummer: LP

Oct 06, 2008

It’s been ten long years waiting for a new Sloppy Seconds record. Ten years! Junk rock withdrawal is tough, but I got through it. I thought I’d put my past behind me but here I am a decade later with a slab of snot green vinyl in my hands. Looks like I’m hooked again! Anyone who knows the band will know what to expect. Ramones-influenced punk rock with topics such as booze, girls, horror movies, the Ramones, more girls, drugs… Yep not much has changed, and that’s the way it should be. I’ve always maintained that the thing that sets Sloppy Seconds apart from the others in their genre is the lyrics. Not so much the subjects (anyone can sing about tits and beer), but the timing and rhyme patterns that lock together in ways I’d never think of. Sheer brilliance! A note to the band: now that I’m fully addicted again, don’t you dare think of leaving me strung out for another ten years!

 –ty (Kid Tested,

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