SLOBS: Self-titled: EP

Mar 26, 2012

Fuggin’ love this record—rough and dirty hardcore punk with a definite nod to early ‘80s East Coast style. The singer sounds like a cross between Darby Crash and the singer from The Mad. Really growly, a little nasally, and obnoxious in a perfect way. The guitars are distorted and jangly at the same time and cut like a razor. One thing that really stands out about this band is the quality of the lyrics. Not some nihilistic pose (“Not so much a nihilist / Just another kid who’s pissed”) that is adapted and briefly paraded about like so many bands do. Instead, there’s some real honesty in the words and thoughts put across. Nothing deep or profound, but issues and things everyone with a brain can relate to, such as “Hope for Nothing” with the opening verse, “Hope’s the word they use to keep us all in our places / It lets them collectively rub their shit in our faces,” articulates something that has been on my mind for years, especially once you get past the illusion of the American Dream. Plus, they deliver this song in a mid-tempo, near lazy and despairing way to really get the point across. Then you have “Write Offs,” which succinctly states, “They sold our future to pay for their today.” Whoa! I’d say this record is mandatory.

 –M.Avrg (Machette,