Oct 28, 2015

New pressing of Sloane Peterson’s 2011 release. It could be argued that just as many kids picked up instruments and formed bands after Nirvana broke in ‘92, many did the same after the first releases from Weezer and D4 in ‘94. Sloane Peterson bobs along like heavy “Buddy Holly” asking “Noble Stabbings!!” to the sock hop. Check the right, left, right hooks of “Recover,” “Tallahassee,” and “Bridges” and see if you’re not knocked unconscious by sugary/bitter punk goodness. I suppose many Razorcakereaders have already experienced Why Go Out?, maybe even hanging with best friends while sipping forties next to the train tracks. But any that haven’t, a repress in a boss hand-screened cover is a great excuse to make that memory. 

 –Matt Seward (Dead Broke,

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