SLITER: Think Other Wise: CD

Dec 14, 2005

It's weird because it's not slither, but sliter. This is a four-piece Japanese rock band with vocals that are totally gruff and as though the singer has been downing his fair share of whiskeys for a while and also happens to be Japanese. The vocals are so messed up I can't even tell if they're singing in English or Japanese, although the lyrics in the booklet are printed in English and some of it sounds like it's in English. It's hard to say. There is some solid guitar playing, although some of it seems a little over-done, as though all the tricks had to be pulled out of the bag in order to even get close enough to making this album interesting, musically speaking (which it isn't). I've heard some things worse than this, but so much that is better. For the most part, even though I listened to this album an ungodly number of times, every time I heard it I just wished it were over. -Kurt Morris

 –guest (Akom,