SLIT PLASTERS, THE: It Smells Like Hell Over Here: 7”EP

Jan 20, 2011

Sounds a lot more ROCK than one would rightly imagine a band called “The Slit Plasters” to sound; then again, having rarely had occasion to, in fact, imagine what a band called “The Slit Plasters” might, in fact, sound like, this statement is high conjecture on my part and perhaps taken best with a grain of slit. A-side sounds like perhaps The Cult, after having been smacked on the head rather soundly by a floor safe containing the early 2000’s; the two songs on the flip sound more like the early 2000’s, after having been smacked in the head rather soundly by a floor safe containing The Cult. The brain damage is only there to keep it the right length. I’m on board with the saxophone; hit it in the head with a safe containing something of topical interest and let’s take this party off campus. BEST SONG: “Wayne Svitato Integro.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Hildegard, 5 Vice Commando SHE-WOLF.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Band members include Sayid 1, Senor 2, Mister 3z, Herr 4 and Signore 5; guest musicians include Monsieur 6, Pan 7, Bay 8, and Monsieur 9. Ben 10 was apparently unavailable due to contractual stipulations. Also, one of the cartoon guys on the cover has the flag of Algeria on his sleeve.

 –norb (Chorizoloco)

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