SLIT PLASTERS, THE: Get Plastered!: LP

Nov 18, 2011

I got a 45 by this band to review a while back, and while i instantly remembered their name, their font, and their art style, i found i couldn’t remember a freekin’ thing about their music. Even after playing the album, it ain’t really ringin’ any bells. It’s basically a buncha songs of varying degrees of rockness, blent with varying gobs of self-disdaining punkness, sung in grindy English or French or German or maybe Italian, about a half-step down where I keep expecting it, which makes me hard to deflect it all. If you told me the guy from Urge Overkill’s little brother was in this band, i’d totally believe you—moreso than if you told me that they hailed from Vatican City, which, as far as i can discern, is the ((cough)) gospel truth. Maybe that’s why this album can’t get my bra off. BEST SONG: I kind of like the auctioneer part towards the end of side two, actually. BEST SONG TITLE: I’m going to go with “2’50 of a Neanderthal Truth,” although I appreciate the thought that went into “Nix Nix Nix.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This album comes in pineapple Life Saver®/Subs 45 colored vinyl in a side-opening pocket sleeve, with no paper inner sleeve. I kinda like it.

 –norb (Label LN)