SLIT PLASTERS, THE: Chasing Jet Black Muffs: 10”

May 08, 2013

Vatican City’s most ardent boosters of the Pussycat font, it always seemed like the Slit Plasters’ packaging was always better than their actual music. Thus, it’s probably for the best that this record is less interesting-looking than its predecessors; the songs are generally better than what i remember on previous emissions ((possibly due to guest Farfisist King Automatic walking his murderous intentions over there)). Sometimes it sounds like some European King Tuff equivalent covered in some kind of weird salty Italian liquorice ((the kind that’s spelled weird like that and is fatal in large doses)), and other parts of it just sounds like those icky bands you’d sometimes wind up playing a bar show with, where the singer wore mirror shades and had some kind of ironic poofy hairdo and you couldn’t figure out what they sounded like, or what they were trying TO sound like, and, once in a while, it just rocks. Eh. I wish these guys nothing but the best in their quest for jet black muffs; much like the gays and marriage, you’re more than welcome to my share. BEST SONG: Either “The Thompsons” or “Fast Food LaneIs the Masterplan.” BEST SONG TITLE: Say what you will about “Street Fight Kaiser” or “I Can Squeeze My Own Juice,” it’s tough to beat “Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Both sides of the label are printed with the number “66/46,” as if it were some important bit of technical information, upon the meaning of which i can only speculate.

 –norb (Chorizoloco)