SLINGSHOT DAKOTA: Their Dreams Are Dead, but Ours Is the Golden Ghost: LP

Apr 29, 2016

I picked up an earlier pressing of this record years ago because of the awesome screen-printed ghosts on the cover. I listened to it, dug it, and then pretty much forgot about it for some reason. (Slingshot Dakota seemed to do okay without me, judging by the fanfare their brand new album is receiving.) This is a reissue of that sophomore effort from this keyboard/drum duo. It’s sweet and bright in the spirit of the last generation of keyboard-driven pop punk and emo bands, namely The Anniversary and The Get Up Kids. Of course, the difference here is that Slingshot Dakota really is just keys and drums, a combination that only works so well because Carly and Tom are so impeccably tight together. The sounds expand to fill the space they need to behind Carly’s belting vocals—sometimes fuzzy and snarling, sometimes mellow and soft. The revamped artwork for this is as clean and elegant as the last pressing, which is a hell of an accomplishment in itself. 

 –Indiana Laub (Square of Opposition, [email protected],

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