SLIGHT SLAPPERS: Selfish World Called Freedom: CD

Apr 02, 2006

My band did a split with these guys and it was one of our more popular releases. Fastcore at its finest. Fast, faster and sometimes over the top - manic rage that feels like a power drill is being forced against your temple while you are overdosing on amphetamines. Screaming vocals are flowing over guitar riffs that are so fast that you wonder if it is possible. The drum beats are pounded so fast you wonder if the tape machine was sped up. I sometimes think the bass player must have calluses the size of quarters on his fingers. It's a full release with 20 tracks that barely clocks in just under 21 minutes; short bursts of intense energy that peeks your adrenaline meter to the point of a heart attack and you survive with no side effects. This is the first thing you need to listen to after leaving that shitty job you got stuck in.

 –don (HG Fact, 105 Nakano Shinbashi M, 2 7 15 Yayoi Cho, Nakano, Tokyo164 0013, Japan)