SLICK SHOES: Far from Nowhere: CD

Jul 29, 2009

The way the punk music scene is today, it’s fragmented in sub-scenes that don’t interrelate. I remember back in my glory days, I would meet new friends at every show. I go to shows now and I’m just the non-fashionable old guy. Over this rant, I say that I will probably never really cross paths with this band. They are already on the Warped tour and I see MTV following behind. Just as there are demographics in everything else, I see this band falling into the 14-18 demographic: aural cheesy pleasure disguised as rebellion for the younger set. Color in the numbers punk rock to some fame and fortune. This is a band that can lure the youth into the darker, serious side of punk. Because there is always the small few who want more rebellion and more thought for their entertainment. Those people will crossover and continue the more underground movement of the punk scene. So, I believe both sides have a purpose. But being on the darker side, this music sounds so homogenized that I feel lactose intolerant and I feel a wet shit coming down the tubes. 

 –don (Side One Dummy)

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