SLICK 46: No Apologies: 7”

The image on the cover of this EP is a graffiti skull wearing a rudeboy’s cap, with matching switchblades crossing behind it. The problem is that the image is slightly blurry, as any amateur with a spray can and homemade stencil might leave on the side of the dumpster. The real problem with this album is that everything I just said about the image could equally apply to the music. I like the image and I like this style of street punk, especially from a trio with a female member. However, it is all just a touch off. The recording levels don’t sound right. The harmonies aren’t really harmonies but sound like people drunkenly singing over one another, and not in a good sort of way. I give it a C for effort and I would not hesitate to give their next release a fair chance.

 –John Mule (Longshot / Contra / Pirates Press)