SLICE HARVESTER #6: $3, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 56 pgs.

Nov 20, 2012

I love this zine/blog/public works project. One man sets out to review every slice of pizza in Manhattan (about 360) with all his freaky friends (maybe one hundred?) giving second opinions. The reviews are documented in these quarterly zines, and even though he’s finished Manhattan (!), the zines are still catching up with him. Slice Harvester has followed this awesome trajectory of going from being one of your patented silly-sounding, hare-brained schemes that you bullshit about when drunk into becoming an all-consuming and important creative endeavor. Not that knowing in detail what the slice at Ben’s Pizzeria is like is that important, but Colin takes cues from everything—his friends, the decor in the pizzeria, the surliness of the guy behind the counter, the way the grease is pooling on top of the cheese, etc.—to withdraw the scope a bit and address any number of thoughts his mind is turning over. Insight into the development of Manhattan into a Disneyland for the cosmopolitan rich, the way punks and fuck-ups sort out their lives, friendship, loss, our patriarchal society, and much more is delivered with great sensitivity, thought, and humor. I love this because everything about it—Colin’s stories, opinions, the format, the stupid, hopeless impossibility of it all, and its walloping effectiveness—were all shaped in a large way by punk rock, and that makes this not only a fantastic zine but an inspiring one as well, demonstrative of what we can do if we just actually stick to what we say, no matter how stupid it sounds, and put in a little hard work and discipline. Do not read if you are prone to impulsively buying pizza—this shit makes you crave hard. -Dave Brainwreck (Colin Atrophy, 442-D Lorimer St. #230, Brooklyn, NY11206,