SLEEPWALL: Self-titled: 7”

Nov 11, 2008

“Come in from the Cold,” the a-side, is a track that, if it were on a comp, I would scramble to find the case so I could find out who played it. The first few notes reminded me of Fugazi’s “Promises,” but faster. From there, the song builds up to a mid-tempo blast with melody, replete with desperation, urgency, and desire. The vocals come off somewhere between a romantic offer and a plea for forgiveness. The two songs on the b-side have a bit of a harder edge, but, nonetheless, remain hook-laden. “Sleepwalkers” is the hardest hitting song on the wax. It is in the vein of melodic hardcore with yelled vocals. “This World Is Too Dark” is much closer to the a-side—no yelled vocals, but still harder than the a-side and less aggressive than “Sleepwalkers” overall. It almost seems like this song should be wedge between the two others until towards the end of the track. The outro of the song really has the mark of an album closer. It’s fuzzed-out, chaotic, and melodic. It’s complete and encompasses all that the rest of the 7” conjures. While I’m not going to compare them to Samiam, I will say that they sound like a band that would fit perfectly on a bill with Samiam. There’s a definite nod to the ‘90s in there. Thank you, Sleepwall. Thank you.

 –Vincent (Toxic Pop)

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