SLEEPWALL: Is That Factual?: 7”

It’s unfair to impose Zen Arcade on a two-song 7”. Two different states of vinyl mass. But much as with Tenement’s recent Ice Pick 7”, it’s hard not to make Hüsker Dü-ian references to another band that is looking far beyond its constraints from the Land Speed Record gate. This shit’s expansive, layered, tension-filled, and is suited for a double LP to have it wash, glaze, and wander around your ears for awhile. I’ll go ahead and mention that some Dinosaur jr. is in the mix. Bug wouldn’t be a bad comparison. Funny thing is that Sleepwall’s first 7” was much more Deep Wound meets Superchunk; working well as a 7” capsule. I’m super interested how all the pieces are going to come together for a full length.

 –todd (Toxic Pop)