SLEEPWALKERS, THE: “Down with Baby” b/w “VC Baby”: 7"

Dec 30, 2008

Warning: This single is like a polluted box of Neapolitan ice cream. On one side there’s a great chorus—sweet and poppy, think Kinks circa ‘66/’67—but right along side it, seeping into the goodness, there are these horrid verses—rancid, sub-Chili Peppers funk rock. Part of me is tempted to nibble on the good stuff—wasting ice cream is criminal—but I know I have to throw out the whole box because the mere thought of those verses contaminates everything, and, health effects aside, it’s a taste that won’t wash out of my mouth for days. The flipside, which sounds like a Mudhoney b-side, is a draw, that slab of strawberry on the other side of the box that I wouldn’t touch anyway.  –Mike Faloon (Wrecked ‘em)