Jan 14, 2010

The packaging for this is pretty all right stuff. It comes in an envelope, like a 6” x 9” manila envelope but black, with a hand-printed graphic. I still haven’t been able to figure out what the pic is, but I enjoy looking at it. Inside the envelope is a lyric book that is just a bit smaller than the envelope and a ten-minute white cassette with the band names hand written. I appreciate that these dudes are down enough for their stuff not only to release it themselves, but put a bit of effort into packaging it. Nice. Sleepies: The last thing that Sleepies put out, Join the Shark, was an awesome surprise; definitely one of the better EPs that I’ve heard this year. So I was no doubt stoked to get this cassette that has two new songs. They both seem to be a continuation of the rambunctious indie punk offered on the Join the Shark EP (which is only three dollars), but maybe a little moodier. I still want more. Awesome. OTH: I grew up around a few guitar players, but not many drummers or bassists. So I was constantly hearing dudes playing just guitar. It was something that I tolerated, but I never quite understood it (probably because I play no instruments whatsoever). Over time, I’ve come to be kinda able to recognize (what I would consider) an okay guitar riff or whatever. This is the drummer from Sleepies doing some solo stuff with an electric guitar doing a concept record in about five minutes. It’s about agrarian reform in North Korea through the eyes of somebody with some reverence for Kim Jong-Il’s father; judging from the lyric book, it might have come from a library book. The guitar is okay, reminds me of some good, kinda aggressive yet folky pop punk; but, as I mentioned above, I don’t quite understand just electric guitar.

 –Vincent (Doom Songs, [email protected])