SLEEPIES: Join the Shark: CDEP

Feb 26, 2009

I really don’t know if I can convey the radness of this to you in words, but I’ll try. Do you remember the scene in Rock’n’RollHigh Schoolwhere Riff Randell blasts the Ramones over the intercom? Imagine that scene in fast forward. That’s pretty much how my insides feel when this disc is on. This disc contains seven noisy indie punk tunes that don’t abandon melody or sense of song and are all fun as hell, clocking in at just under sixteen minutes! The vocals are tense and assertive and easy and inviting. Lyrically poetic or insane or otherwise, I’m not sure and I really don’t care. This shit is fucking great! (For a point of reference, think Mclusky (but not that smartass) with a wave hello from Les Savy Fav (but not pretentious at all)—but faster and more aggressive and more punk and better than that sounds.) This’ll have ya bouncin’, buzzin’, sloshin’, and spillin’ all over the place in wild abandon! So good!!!

 –Vincent (Doom Songs)