SLEEP WALKERS R.I.P.: Self-titled: 7”

Jan 07, 2008

Music sounds like the soundtrack to a bad indie movie about “punks.” I think I’m picturing this because it’s background music to me. It’s like one of those filler bands you would book for a show to fill the gaps. They are good enough to have play at a show and hang out to, but they will most likely not be your favorite band on the bill. Not particularly catchy, but not particularly awful either. The singer is from The Triggers and if you like that band, chances are you’re going to have a liking for this one as well. The lyrics are about serious subjects and would have been much more rad if it was executed by a country band. For example, sing the following words in your head like it was sang by someone from the deep woods of the south, “watched my mom die sister cry brother go to the pen’ friends od’d and killed by drunks or shot themselves to death.” Good, right?

 –guest (Dead Ideas)