SLEAZIES, THE: Trite Ditties and Meaningless Crap: CD

Jun 04, 2008

Well, whatever vile activities this trio has engaged in during their presumably amazingly outrageous comings and goings might be, thumbing their collective nostrils at the Truth-in-Advertising laws is not one of them. The Sleazies sleaze through a collection of rapid-fire odes to heroin, truck bombs, glue sandwiches and Aretha Franklin (unfortunately, not all in the same song), with occasional subtle but nuts-on production flourishes (e.g. the harmony vocals during the chorus of “Gonna Operate on Myself”) that lead me to believe that either they know a bit more than they let on or that the guy running the studio that day was kind of smart. The four outstanding tracks are the aforementioned “Gonna Operate on Myself” – similar to, but superior than, the title track of the Rubber City Rebels’ 2003 Pierce My Brain reunion album; the befouled Joel Reader-era MTX-isms of “Runaway Joni”; the pretty-much-what-you-think-it-is-Teenage-Knockouts-isms of “Hot Lunch”; and “I Wanna Fuck Your Mom” – a song so amazingly fantastically perfectly stupid in every regard that it renders all other “I Wanna Fuck Your Mom” songs – of which there are no small supply – completely inert in their non-amazingly non-fantastically imperfect stupidity. I give this one thumb and part of a penis up! BEST SONG: “Runaway Joni” BEST SONG TITLE: “Glue Sandwich,” and i’m sure they know it. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: CD booklet depicts the band’s bare hinders, in full color yet! The band’s spokesperson at MTV™ later apologized on behalf of the band for the “wardrobe malfunction.” 

 –norb (Pelado)