SLAYER: God Hates Us All: CD

Aug 14, 2009

If there is a God, the title implies my feeling towards life. A much anticipated release that was delayed two months because the band decided to remix the whole thing. Here is a band that I have been listening to and purchasing since I was in high school. I have seen them only once and that was before their first record came out. I think that has to be 17 or 18 years ago. Man, I am getting old. At least something from my childhood has kept up with me. If you have read my previous reviews of this band in another publication, I will keep referring to their ultimate album Reign in Blood. That is their best record and the record I use as their high point. Well, after that record, the producer, Rick Rubin pushed them in another direction and they have slowly been coming back to that point. Point made, this is the closest that Slayer has come to making a record with that intensity. The trademark sound is there. The vocals are screamed and yelled more as opposed to singing. The songs are faster and better utilizing Paul Bostaph, the replacement drummer for the last few records. Paul is a much better drummer than the original drummer, Dave Lombardo. The traditional riffage and solo attack of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman are here. The lyrics are as evil or more so than previously releases. More spiteful and questioning that it is almost calming in comparison to an average day’s problems. A no lose situation when it comes to Slayer. You know you are getting something good and a surprise or two is in store.

 –don (American)