SLASH CITY DAGGERS, THE: Backstabber Blues: CD

Well I’ll be a soused-silly sappin’-at-the-gills sonuvabitch, these bad-ass backalley boys define rock’n’roll at its trashiest, sleaziest, and sluttiest! If the New York Dolls hadn’t prematurely fragmented, Backstabber Blues would’ve been their next highly anticipated release. The Slash City Daggers have the sassy seal of Johnny Thunders and crew shamelessly stamped all over ‘em (toss in a bit of The Stooges and Exile on Main Street-era Rolling Stones for full fucked-up boogie effect, and there ya have it!). With such salacious song titles as “T.V. & Pills,” “Backstabber Blues,” “Fucking You,” “Jailhouse Lover,” “Dead Drunk,” and “Backstreet Baby,” it’s a given that this is purebred rock’n’roll raunchiness at its most rebellious and saucey. The Slash City Daggers have dug deep into my heart and sonically carved me up somethin’ fierce. That’s the true power of rock’n’roll for ya!

 –guest (Unity Squad)