SLANG: Skilled Rhythm Kills: LP

Feb 05, 2009

Japanese hardcore, in my opinion, is one of the greatest scenes out there. Almost everything I get to hear from Japan is great. This proves my point one more time. One sheer powerful outburst of angst that holds you by the skin of your teeth. The power builds as the intro to the first track entrances you into focusing what might lead ahead. Once unleashed, hardcore mayhem throws you back against the wall as the noise level forces you backward. No happiness here. Just straight forward hardcore. Modern day hardcore mixed with hints of Japanese punk from the past. The intensity does not withdraw from song to song. Menacing songs are sung in Japanese with a powerful backing of slightly metallic guitars. No generic posturing here. The song writing is well orchestrated and perfected for the ears to hear. Anger management at its best. It's absolutely incredible how without understanding what is sung, you are aware what is supposed to be felt.

 –don (Conquest Wake)