SLAKTRENS : Stalande Tider: CD

Raging hardcore punk from this Swedish duo. Take DS-13, put a couple drops of Mob 47 in the beaker, and you may get some mutation like Slaktrens. It’s fast and chaotic, with bone-breaking percussion and a vocalist who sounds like he’s going rabid. The songs are short bursts of aggression that aim to break the speed barrier every time. However, they are not some faceless, tuneless thrash outfit. They switch up the tempos, throw in some stop-go breaks here and there, build tension, and play like their very lives depend on it. What’s really interesting is this was entirely put together by two people in a practice room, despite it sounding like a full band recording live. Oh, the wonders of technology! “Jag Vill Inte Ha” is a burner that slows down a tad and stands out. Glad I grabbed this! Thrash hounds, dig in!

 –M.Avrg (Suburban White Trash,