SLACKERS, THE: International War Criminal: CDEP

Jul 12, 2007

After ten years or so, the Slackers have gone from songs about romance to songs about politics. It’s been interesting to see how many bands and writers made the transition over the last few years. People were just pushed too far politically to let the anarcho-punks have the only political voice. The Slackers are possibly the most consistent ska band ever, continuing to tour and put out good records long before and after the pinnacle (or lowest point, depending on your view) of ska during the ‘90s. Their songwriting is impeccable. At worst, their songs are good, and when they’re on, you get some of the most soulful ska out there. At times, this EP ventures a little more into reggae than I’m used to, but it’s still a great CD.

 –megan (Thought Squad)