SKURKARNA: A Crimewave Escapade: CD

Jan 21, 2013

Skurkarna are a Swedish band who play instrumental surf but with a much more modern feel, as if they might listen to a bit of Explosions In The Sky or something of that sort, yet, it’s still definitely surf rock. The whole theme of the band is crime. Band members are drawn on the cover as cartoon cat burglars breaking into a house and hitting a cop with a blackjack. All their songs have titles like “The Stick-Up” or “The Getaway Car” and throughout the album are perfectly placed soundbites from old noir and bank robber movies. I like everything about the music and aesthetic. It’s a great album that’s totally ruined by one thing, this warning: “all rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recording work reserved... unauthorized public performance, broadcasting and copying of this record is prohibited” is written prominently on the disc. I just can’t get behind that, not because I don’t respect the way they feel about copying, it’s just that it fucks up the whole damn illusion. It’s like if Gwar said, “We don’t promote the slaughter of humanity” in their liner notes as a disclaimer. Perfectly good album shot to hell for me by some butt-clenched bullshit. Besides their CD appears to be a CD-R with no jewel case or liner notes, just a one-sided paper insert in a plastic sleeve. Fucking posers.

 –Craven (Heptown)

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