SKULLS, THE: Life Ain: 7"

Aug 10, 2009

Hands-down, this some of the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen with a 7”. Ever. It comes in a converted envelope that’s been screen printed with three different inks, it comes with a button, and it comes with a 33 pg., glossy booklet – complete with rare-as-hell pictures from a gamut of late ‘70s LA photographers, and text by Billy Bones himself that covers any and all things you’d ever comprehend asking about The Skulls (including guest lists from the Mabuhay Gardens and their What? Records contract). For a 7”, for crying out loud. As much as the songs that are on the wax – which are fantastic slabs of pure LA ‘77 punk rock with snotty, spastic colon vocals; hollow-bodied, slashing guitars; drums as heavy hitting as domestic violence; energy that makes production values almost irrelevant; and skewed and angled and wrangled pop. The song “Life Ain’t So Pretty” had never been recorded before this 7” – and it comes with a glitch in the vinyl, punk. This is pure testament that the presentation of music is, in and of itself, an overlooked art form. And in this instance, when the music is so good to start out with, a great 7” is like taking a bit of an art museum home with you and letting it spin around on a needle. How fucking cool is that? Very, very highly recommended.

 –todd (Headline)

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