SKULLCRACK: Cut It Down: 7”

Oct 28, 2015

I’m at a point in my life where songs about growing up and weighing the past against the present really resonate with me. More and more, I lock into songs that struggle with the day-to-day, feet-on-the-ground shit that I find rolling around in my brain as I close in on forty. I’m not as likely to get a kick out of songs about smashing the system or whatever, but I still want that sound. I still want that rage. I still want hardcore. Skullcrack gives it to me, with lyrics like these: “Suburban menace, hopping fences, and we’re running wild/ with an old soul and the heart of a child/ I don’t yearn for those days or try to resist the change/ Not trying to stay the same, only just maintain.” 

 –mp (Adios Motherfucker,

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