SKULL DRUG: Self-titled: CD

Nov 21, 2013

These guys throw down some powerful punk with a metal edge—sounding at times like DRI on vocals and Nashville Pussy on instruments—that gives the songs an extra kick and works really well together. The punk part keeps things a little sloppy and angry. The singer goes from having gruff vocals to a higher octave, sometimes dropping into deep-shouted vocals that all seem to fit perfectly on this release. You get two instrumentals, “Phantom Operas” and “Defected,” that showcase the talent and skill that the band possesses when they’re not going full out, like on “The Stunots,” which is one fast and wicked thrash song. These guys really did a great job on this release—thick bass playing, slick leads that go all over the fret board (but not in a crazy Malmsteen wankfest), and terrific drumming that is just brutally pounding away and making your head shake along to the beat.

 –Rick Ecker (B.H.J.,