SKODA 120: Samorost: LP

Sep 19, 2013

Records from the Czech Republic seem to pop in my Razorcake review pile every couple of months and are always startlingly good. Bands from there always smack of more famous American and Western European influences—so there is very rarely one cohesive style—and instead they just run through their influences without trying to “go for” a sound. Here we have four more legit weirdos playing twenty songs (the longest of which is an epic 2:05) of some mix of d-beat, U.S. grind, and slick death metal. These bands (and this in particular) could probably go on some of the bigger metal package tours here in the U.S. (think the Relapse/Metal Blade crowd) and fare very well, but no one is paying attention and it’s a shame. The record itself is exquisitely put together, with almost-too-slick graphic design, an unnecessary obi strip, and a bunch of inserts I can’t read.

 –Ian Wise (NFB Crew,